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"When I'm Not Flying, I'm Flying On Demand"

Flying On Demand

It's been said, powered flight and the World Wide Web were the two most significant inventions of the 20th century. No two developments have done more to put time, geographic distance, access to information and communication under our control than digital technology and the ability to fly.

Flying on Demand will join these two powerful cultural forces – aviation and the Internet – to create an information, entertainment and educational resource that will be nothing less than revolutionary. Now, the very best in aviation documentaries, event coverage, information and entertainment will be available – worldwide – to anyone who has an internet connection.

Subscribers will have complete access to hundreds of hours of quality film and video content – military aviation, including WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the Desert Wars; general aviation, from the vintage airplanes of the Golden Age, to today’s newest biz jets; the latest developments in commercial aviation, plus first run biographies and features for everyone from the “ just interested”, to student pilots, to professional aviators. No matter what your interest in aviation might be, you’ll find it covered in your subscription to Flying On Demand!

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